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Are you a construction company looking for projects in Scandinavia?

Find out more in this newsletter from Invest Stockholm, SISAB, Familjebostäder, Stockholmshem and Svenska Bostäder. We are five municipal companies from Stockholm and we need your help to make our city grow. We're looking for partners in a number of public housing, school and preschool construction projects.



Save the date - International Public Construction Summit 2021 on October 14th

Welcome to the third International Public Construction Summit organised by the public developers of the City of Stockholm and Invest Stockholm. We will be discussing upcoming construction projects in public housing as well as public school and preschool construction. More details will follow in June, but you can already register your participation. 

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Current procurements



Familjebostäder have now announced the procurement of Färgfilmen.

The project includes the construction of an apartment block with 61 apartments in Bandhagen, Stockholm. The building will have six storages and a garage with 28 parking lots and four staircases that will follow the shape of the plot the construction will stand on. You can now download the documentation and send in your tender through our procurement portal Kommers.  

Upcoming procurements



Familjebostäder, Svenska Bostäder and Stockholmshem will announce a new procurement of construction of 300 Stockholmshusen annually. The project will be a cooperation between the public housing companies, construction companies and the city administration. In order to shorten lead times from idea to finished building, construction companies will participate already at the planning stage in a joint project construction process. The procurement will be a dynamic purchasing system and current projects will be a subject for competition by the prequalified tenderers. Look out for the announcement in our procurement portal Kommers.

Preschool of the Future, Björnsonsgatan 4

Do you want to build the preschool of the future? "Framtidens förskola" is SISAB's concept preschool that builds upon a well thought-out structure adaptable to the needs of the users, the prerequisites of the site and the surroundings. The preschool located at Björnsonsgatan 4 will be a two storage, six department construction. The building will be integrated into a beautiful park complex called "Blackebergsstråket". The procurement will be published through Kommers in June. 


Discover Kommers - our procurement portal

Are you looking for more projects? You can find all published procurements and requests for information announced by the municipal companies of the City of Stockholm in the procurement portal Kommers Annons Stockholms stad.  

You need to register in order to log in to the portal. Registration is free of charge. With an account you will be able to:

• Monitor procurements that are of interest to you
• View and download procurement documentation
• Ask questions in ongoing procurements
• Submit tenders and find out who won the contract

The portal is available in Swedish, English and Norwegian, although the procurement documentation is published in Swedish.



Invest Stockholm is the official investment promotion agency for the city of Stockholm. We are dedicated to developing and promoting Stockholm as an attractive destination for international investors and people.

Svenska Bostäder was founded in and 1944 is owned by the City of Stockholm. We are one of Sweden’s biggest housing companies and we have had an active role in the building of Stockholm for 75 years. Svenska Bostäder manages around 27.000 apartments, 5 shopping centres and 4.000 other facilities.

The Stockholm School Properties Company (SISAB) is a municipal company that owns and manages the majority of Stockholm’s preschools, compulsory schools and upper-secondary schools. Our goal is to offer healthy, pleasant and suitable educational environments.

For more than 80 years, Stockholmshem has had an active role in developing Stockholm by building and managing housing and premises for many Stockholmers. We have almost 60,000 tenants, which makes us one of largest housing companies in the country. Stockholmshem is owned by the city of Stockholm

Familjebostäder was founded in 1936 and with over 80 years of experience it has played a major role in building Stockholm. The company has moved into its biggest growth period of the modern age. In the next few years, the portfolio will be augmented by new tenancy rights, whose needs and preferences must be safeguarded and managed.


June 2021